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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camponotus gigas (the largest ants from south east asia)

Ant Camponotus gigas is the largest in the world that still exists. Camponotus gigas originating from forests - forests southeast asia. Camponotus gigas there are two types of worker ants and soldier ants

for the worker ants have a size of 20.9 mm and for the soldier ants have a size of 28.1 mm. Camponotus gigas foods 90 percent of something sweet - sweet example of tree sap. but sometimes they also eat other insects and bird droppings

Camponotus Gigaskalo activity at night and every colony of Camponotus gigas has about 7000 worker ants, there are two types of workers, some are working outside during the daytime, and are actively working at night vigil in the nest that weighed three times that of regular workers


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