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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Call AC Milan Pato & Robinho Faster

AC Milan expect three players Thiago Silva, Alexandre Pato and Robinho could re-join the Rossoneri next week for pre-season training.

All three players were actually given the time until the beginning of August next month. However, as Brazil knocked out in the first round of Copa America quarter-finals in 2011, the three players expected to come in Milan on July 25.

Brazil were knocked out by Paraguay after losing on penalties. Brazil defeated with the score 2-0 after four Brazilian, Elano, Thiago Silva, Andre Santos, and Fred fails to perform his duty as executioner.

"Thiago (Silva) has made a mistake from the penalty spot. In fact, if he had practiced penalty in Milanello he is one of the best. But that is football, there are strange things can happen," said goalkeeper Marco Amelia as reported from official club website.

Amelia realized, defeat Brazil in the Copa America will be a little disturbing Silva, Pato and Robinho. But, he was sure of arriving in Milan, the three players will forget about the defeat of his country.

"Maybe mentally tired, but I'm sure after entering the gate here, they'll forget about it and just think about AC Milan," said Amelia.

While the two strikers Milan, Antonio Cassano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic has joined the exercise. Both were only able to join yesterday after a long holiday during the summer.

"We are pleased that Ibrahimovic and Antonio (Cassano) is back in Milanello, and they returned to work hard with us to prepare for the Supercup," said Amelia.

According to Amelia, Milan pre-season training has gone well. In practice, the players need to re-gain energy in preparation for next season. "This weather sempuran to exercise," said Amelia.

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