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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Arctic Ice Melt Faster than forecast

Washington - air warming due to climate change is not the only cause more rapid polar ice melt. Researchers find 'mastermind' is another thing.

The results of recent studies capture the 'mastermind' of warming the water just below the ice. Increased melting of ice in Antarctica due to global warming were reported that could potentially increase the sea level.

But few take into account the impact of warming the water beneath the ice. Now, Jianjun Yin of the University of Arizona and colleagues managed to uncover the 'players' of this new, warm water under the ice. "Due to the water warms, polar ice melting faster than expected," he said.

Bottom of the sea ice is melting because of warmer water may increase sea levels, he added. "Ocean warming is very important compared to atmospheric warming. This is because water has a greater heat capacity than air, "said Yin.

If the floating ice in the coastal areas melt, glaciers will flow faster and are carried to the sea ice was more and more.

"That is, the Greenland and Antarctic ice will melt faster than expected before the scientific community," said another author on the study, Jonathan T. Overpeck as reported Huffingtonpost.

Overpeck of the Institute of the evironment University of Arizona shows the results of this study add to the evidence, sea level will rise one meter at the end of this century. The results of this study were published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

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