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Sunday, July 3, 2011

10 Benefits of White Water

Water in the body keep the freshness of them work, help digestion and remove toxins. But, you know, it appears many benefits direguk of white water, as well as freshness.

Many people are not aware of nutrients other than water to quench the thirst alone. Water can cure various diseases with a simple and cheap. The following 10 benefits of white water that may be we can make the mold when it comes to consuming beverages outside of the white water.

1. Facilitate the Digestive System
Water consumed daily in sufficient quantity to facilitate the digestive system so that we will terhindari from digestive problems such as ulcer or constipation. Burning calories will also be running efficiently.

2. White Water Helps to slow grew Cancer Causes Substance-Substance, plus prevent kidney stones and liver disease. Drinking ice water will make the body more energetic.

3. Beauty Care
When not drinking plain water, the body will absorb the water content in the skin until the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. In addition, the white water can protect the skin from the outside, while moisturizing and healthy skin. To maintain the beauty of it, clean the body and must really be seen, plus white water to drink 8-10 glasses a day.

4. To Fertility
Increase the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women.
According to the research result of a thrombosis research institutions in London, England, where a person is always cold water showers so smooth blood circulation and the body feels fresher and fitter. Cold water showers will increase the production of white blood cells in the body and increase the ability of a person against virus attacks.

In fact, cold water showers in the morning can increase the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. With so fertility and sexual rapture will also be increased. Besides the repair of skin tissue, nails healthier and stronger, not easily cracked. Well, for a lazy morning bath or shower should begin even lazy tuh changed often ...

5. Healthy Heart
Water is also believed to follow the cure of heart disease, rheumatism, skin damage, Papas tract disease, intestinal, and feminine disease. Even today quite a lot of leverage on the efficacy of alternative treatments of white water.

6. For Stroke Drug
Hot water not only used to treat various skin diseases, but also effective to treat paralysis, such as stroke. Reason, the water will help strengthen the muscles and ligaments and improving the circulatory system and respiratory system.

Effect of heat causes dilation of blood vessels, improving blood circulation and oksigenisasi network, thus preventing muscle stiffness, relieve pain and calm the mind. Content of ions, especially chlorine, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and sulfate in hot water, help widening the blood vessels to improve blood circulation. In addition the pH of the water is able to sterilize the skin.

7. Relaxation effects
Try standing under the shower and feel the effect in the body. Shower of water falling into the body feels like a massage and be able to relieve tired because it felt like a massage. A number of alternative medicine experts say that the contact with the fountain, walk around the waterfalls, or rivers and parks with lots of showers, will get benefits of negative ions. Negative ions that arise because the details of the clash of water can relieve the pain, neutralize poison, combat disease and help to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the blood flow will accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissue.

Not only that if you have muscle tension can be relieved with warm water bath at a temperature around 37 degrees C. As long as the legs felt stiff, we often advisable to soak the feet with warm water mixed with a little salt. Well, if own shower at home try a bath and enjoy. That said, showers also produce negative ions.

8. Managing Body
Also is white water remove dirt, impurities in the body that will quickly go out through urine. For those who want to lose weight already, drink warm water before meals (up to feel quite full) is a way to reduce the number of incoming food. Moreover the water contains no calories, sugar, or fat. However, it is best to drink plain water temperature is not too hot, nor too cold. How thin?, Drinking just plain water.

9. Body More Fit
Benefits of water to cleanse the body, not only just but also as a substance that is required of the body. We may be able to withstand the lack of food a few days rather than less water. Because water is the biggest part in the composition of the human body.

10. Balancing the body.
Decrease the amount of water in the body, the body's organs function will decline and more susceptible bacteria, viruses. However, the human body has a mechanism in maintaining the balance of the inflow of water intake and output. Thirst in every person is a normal mechanism in maintaining the body's water intake. Needed by the body of water about 2 to 2.5 l (8-10 cups) per day. The amount of this water needs include water intake from food (such as the soup, soto), beverages such as milk, tea, coffee, syrup. In addition, water intake is also obtained from the result of the metabolism of food consumed and the metabolic networks in the body.

Well, water is removed the body through urine and sweat. The amount of water removed the body through the urine is about 1 liter per day. If the amount of feces produced in healthy people around 50-400 g / day, aimya content around 60-90% faecal weight or about 50-60 ml of water per day.

Meanwhile, water is wasted through the sweat and breath channels a maximum of one liter per day, depending on surrounding air temperatures. Not to mention the factors of production of water through respiration. A person suffering from fever, napasnya water content increases. In contrast, the amount of water through the breath we breathe is reduced due to lower humidity in the surroundings.

Condition when the body will decrease the water rate decrease and we do not meet the needs of the body of water. U.S. cardiologist, Dr. James M. Rippe give advice to drink at least a liter more than what is needed our thirst. Because, the loss of only 4% liquid will cause a reduction of 22% of our performance! Is understandable because any loss of 7%, we will begin to feel weak and lethargic.

Origin knew it, the more the activity more and more water is drained from the body. Therefore, health experts warned not to drink when feeling thirsty just drink a lot habits, what is being worn or not, is a healthy habit!

If you are in air-conditioned space, it is recommended to drink more because the air conditioner and body quickly becomes dehydrated. Much to drink will also help the skin does not dry quickly. In the room where the temperature is still too organized to familiarize feel thirsty to drink even though it is to balance the temperature.

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