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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tips for Safe and Easy Bathing Baby

These tips are intended for young mothers who just had her first child birth, so not so good at caring for babies. There are two ways to bathe the baby that you can do, that is by wiping and bathing in a plastic tub to bathe the baby.

1. Wiping the baby's body
When wiping the baby's body, who first must do is to lay the baby on top of cloth towels. Then, using a wash cloth towel that has been soaked in warm water, wipe the baby's body. To the rear, you can start from the side alternately by lifting the baby's body slowly.

2. Bathing Baby
To bathe the baby in the bed of a small bucket special baby, must be done by way of caution. When the baby was aged less than one month, preferably before inserting it in a bucket, baby wipe first like in the first step. After that, just put in a bucket to rinse briefly.

What is important to note that while bathing the baby is when washing hair. A young mother needs to understand how to wash baby's hair is right, if not, the baby's eyes can take in the foam so poignant. Or, could the baby's head injuries because the wall bucket. How to wash baby's hair is true is by first holding the baby's head tightly. keep the soap or shampoo does not get into eyes.

Select a special baby shampoo that gently and not cause pain in the eye. To remove the crust on baby's scalp, rub baby's scalp with cotton that has been given the baby oil until crust is attached can be separated.

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