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Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Car Anti Loss of China

The worst traffic congestion in China inspire Zhang Yuhan, a student majoring in design, to create a vehicle anti-jam. This car is in certain circumstances can change such as a boat that can cross the lake and river. In fact, these vehicles can get through snow.

Hovercraft car which then uses the Aqua Concept Volkswagen brand is one CDN Car Design Award finalist in China. The event was held former BMW designer Chris Bangle.


Zhang explained that the car without wheels is to use multiple machines. The main engine or a turbine impeller under the vehicle. When the machine is turned on, this turbine will lift the vehicle body. Then the two engines behind the push way forward.

"Aqua offers a future vehicle, because it uses hydrogen fuel that produces no pollutants,"Zhang was quoted as saying, recently.

The basis of the Aqua is taken from China off-road vehicles which later remade Volkswagen. Aqua interpret Volkswagen design philosophy with a single line without a break. Vehicle door vehicle is not on the side, but in the back.

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