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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sophisticated Car For Blind

Technological development makes the blind to have expectations to drive your own car. Researchers from the National Federation of the Blind and Virginia Tech, the United States plans to demonstrate prototype vehicles equipped with technology to help the blind to be able to drive myself.

The technology is called "nonvisual interfaces" using a sensor that could help blind people doing driving maneuvers. Sensors that will transmit information about the environment around: is there a car or object nearby, in front or on the other line.

For many blind people, driving is considered impossible. But researchers hope that this project could revolutionize mobility and challenge the assumptions that have long been restricted.

"We're looking at areas that were previously considered impossible to be explored," said Dr. Marc Maurer, president of The National Federation of the Blind, as quoted by the Associated Press (AP).

"We moved away and want to abandon the theory that blindness is the end of everything as well as contributing to the community," he added.

Organisani based in Baltimore is mengumumnkan plans to conduct a demonstration vehicle for the blind on Friday, July 2, 2010 and, on the coast of Daytona, Florida, United States.

A blind, which until now has not been selected, will use the vehicle along the track which is located close to the Daytona race track. He will try to simulate a typical driving experience.

Maurer first spoke about the car for a blind person about ten years ago when he launched a research institute organisani organization. "Some people think I'm crazy but some people believe that it is a wonderful idea," said Maurer.

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