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Monday, June 20, 2011

Reject the United States Congress to Fund War Libya

Washington (ANTARA News / AFP) - U.S. House of Representatives on Monday night decided to ban the use of funds for the movement of the superpower's army in Libya.

Parliament approved the changes to legislation funding the troops with 248 votes versus 163. Some members of Congress have recently expressed dissatisfaction at the decision of President Barack Obama continue the movement in Libya in March and continues without congressional permission.

The changes, proposed Brad Sherman, the Democratic member from California, freeze the War Power Resolution, legislation 1973, which limits the power of the President of sending troops overseas to combat zones without Congressional approval.

Manuscript Sherman stated that "no funds provided by this law can be contrary to the War Powers Act". According to the War Powers Resolution, the president must get congressional approval for sending U.S. troops into battle and must withdraw troops within 60 days if Congress does not permit military action.

Same steps stated another bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security, but failed to qualify on June 2. House of Representatives still must approve the draft budget bill as a whole and the steps that still must be approved by the Senate.

The White House is under increasing pressure from opponents in Congress, demanding details about the purpose of the United States in Libya and questioned the possible costs and timescales of the movement, which Washington is now a supporter.

House of Representatives recently approved a symbolic resolution, which Obama rebuked, because they do not ask for Congressional approval for U.S. involvement in Libya and gave him until June 17 to respond.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) resolution abusing the United Nations to protect the citizens of Libya Muammar Gaddafi's forces in order to pursue a change of power and political killings, said South African President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday.

"We oppose the misuse of good intention in Resolution 1973," Zuma said in a budget speech in parliament. "We strongly believe that the resolution be misused for the change of power, political assassinations and occupation of foreign troops," he said.

African Union chairman Teodoro Obiang Nguema condemned the intervention of foreign troops in Ivory Coast and Libya, saying that Africa should be allowed to manage his affairs.

"Africa does not need outside influences. Africa must manage its own affairs," said Obiang Nguema, who is also president of Equatorial Guinea, in conferences between nations in Geneva in early April.

"I believe that the problem in Libya should be resolved within the framework of domestic and not through the intervention, which may appear to resemble human intervention. We've seen it in Iraq," said Obiang Nguema.

Russia last week warned NATO efforts in Libya can be turned into a movement after combat helicopters land used for the first time to support troops Moamar leader Gaddafi.

"When the UN resolution is taken, we think that it is a good resolution in a manner to prevent and stop the sacrifice of citizens, including the closure of the Libyan airspace," said Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov on security event in Singapore.

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