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Monday, June 27, 2011

Overcome Colds Without Medication Tips

Erratic weather as happened lately, it rarely makes the body tend to be susceptible to colds. Especially if you are doing intensive activity.

Various factors such as tiredness, viruses and stress are factors that most commonly cause infection in the throat and nose that resulted in the emergence of cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, hoarseness and throat head feels dizzy.

Of course it can interfere with daily activities, especially for those who have a busy schedule. However, do not worry, you can use some simple things to restore the vitality of the body. One key is to use the time off. According to the Water Healer Magic Book Author, Herminia de Guzman-Ladion, when you've got a cold, you try to stay home and rest. because it works when cold will result in severe pain for your add. Moreover, your friend will appreciate you to limit the spread of the virus.

Once you have determined to stay at home, then the next step, you actually takes the time to sleep to the fullest. So the body will get new energy. Such redemption of the body of excess labor.

But remember, when you memtuskan rest, do not touch food that contains sugar such as cakes, ice cream and others. The content of sugar in the blood will lower your body's resistance to infection. Instead you are advised to consume fruits, juice or juice.

In addition, multiply the consumption of water. If under normal conditions you consume 6 to 8 glasses a day and then when the cold then you should increase water consumption up to 10 cups. Water can wash away the virus from your body in various forms such as sweat and urine.

Cold is a symptom of a disease that has stages of throat, head and chest. But it is not sequential stages. It could be your first hit on the head or throat.

If you are first exposed to the throat, then you can gargle with hot salt solution to alleviate the symptoms. You just prepare segela hot water (80 degrees Celsius) and half a teaspoon of salt. Then the solution of the salt in hot water and gargle for five minutes. After that you are advised not to drink cold water. Do it 3 times a day.

If you've gargled salt solution, then you prepare a handkerchief that had been soaked in cold water then put it in a flannel cloth and then wrap the neck as it compresses to the head.

However, if you are suffering from a cold which originated from a headache that is not less painful, you need to do is soak the foot by using hot water. That way the blood will be smooth to the head so that it can relieve the tightness.

In addition, other ways that can be used ie inhaling steam. you need to prepare, among others, newsprint or cardboard, then cook the water by using a pot or kettle. Then bring the paper folds that make up the pipe with a pot or kettle. By inhaling steam, nasal congestion will be lost. The way it can be done after soaking the feet.

If you are exposed to cold symptoms are less fortunate in the chest with a cough and fever. Then the use of heat in the chest will help you. The way is easy, do as you did in the throat.

First wash cloth with hot water, then hand towel to cover your chest. Then place the cloth that had been water washed onto the chest and then cover with a towel. Allow to heat loss. If you need to do this three times before bed. When finished, rinse off with a towel. Then advised to sleep immediately.

But within a week you have not healed. Then other symptoms arise that need to be suspicious then immediately contact a doctor.

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