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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Investments Mutual Funds Translucent Rp 150 Trillion

Jakarta - The net asset value (NAV) of mutual fund investment products until May 2011 has translucent figure of Rp 151.336 trillion. Although time has decreased NAB in April, but their numbers are again showing an upward trend.

According to data from Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (Bapepam-LK), as quoted detikFinance, Sunday (05/06/2011), the total net asset value of mutual funds in May reached Rp 151.336 trillion, or slightly increased from 1.73% previous month to Rp 148.75 trillion. The number of units also increased, from 83.819 billion to 85.198 billion.

Achievement of NAV of mutual fund industry in May of this while improving the position of the previous period, which decreased. NAB in April is lower than the NAV position in March which reached USD 149.144 billion, despite an increase in the number of units in March from the position of 83.626 billion to 83.819 billion.

If you see trends in NAV since the beginning of 2011 until now, it's value tends to increase mutual fund assets. From the position of January about Rp 136.868 trillion, to May Rp 151.336 trillion.

Throughout the year 2010 alone, the position of the net asset value of mutual funds to break the USD 170.928 billion, up 46% from the position in 2009, Rp 116.73 trillion. This achievement can be counted out, primarily driven by increased stock index at the same level.

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