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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To Do French Manicure At Home

French manicure is probably the most preferred manicure among the women. It is appropriate for both teenagers and business women. This manicure gives the nails, classic, clean and well-groomed appearance. French manicure is an airbrushing technique that creates natural looking nails with a smooth white tip at the free edges. French manicure colors could be different .. from white to red, black or silver.

Before you start you will need :

- Nail polish remover
- Base nail polish
- Nail polish in he desired color
- White nail polish
- Stencils
- Top Coat
- Orange Stick
- Cuticle Oil

Before you start polishing, remove the old nail polish and file the nails in one direction. The nails should be shaped in oval form to soften the edges. Apply cuticle oil to the cuticles and push them back using an orange stick. Rinse the hands well with water to remove any oil residue. Apply a clear base coat and let it dry. Then apply two coats of the nail polish.

When the polish is completely dry, use French manicure stencils which are available in every cosmetic store. Hold them as close to the nail as possible, keep the stencils parallel to the nail to avoid scratching the paint on the nails. Apply white polish to the exposed tips of your fingernails with one stroke from one end to the other along the outer edges, and then let them dry completely. French manicure requires around one hour to dry completely.

Misting a gold highlight or shimmer evenly over the beige will add more shimmer to your manicure. Remove the stencils only if the nail polish is dry, otherwise you can ruin the manicure. To clean up any errors around the nails use a stick wrapped in a wisp of cotton moistened with nail polish remover. At the end apply a top coat and let it dry.

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