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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Natural Hair Care for Damaged

Tips and how to overcome all the problems of damaged hair, dry hair problems, hair fork, hair loss, hair, dandruff and other hair problems.

Actually there are some things that seem trivial that without us knowing we often ignore, but actually it is important to us trivial apply daily to our hair to stay healthy.

Avoid too much combing that would damage the hair because the hair will break easily. Choose the rare and flexible toothed comb, because the combs of this type can reduce hair loss due to broken during combing.

Wash hair at least 2x a week. But, do not also wash too often as it can eliminate the hair of natural moisture.

Let your hair dry with a towel wrap for 5 minutes or let the moment for hair exposed to wind and air. Just use a hair dryer, thereafter.

Use a hair serum for shine or hair more radiant. Pour a little into your palm, then wipe the entire section of hair, especially the outer portion.

Avoid hair care products made from alcohol with a high concentration and to close the pores of the scalp and hair damage.

Use hair spray to taste, because the hair spray contains a polymer substance that can withstand humidity hair.

Do not tie your hair too often, especially at the same place and for long periods of time. Your hair is so fragile and easily broken!. Select an elastic hair tie if still want to tie up her hair because hair tie this kind of more "friendly" to strands of hair.

Use aliases swim cap hair cover while swimming so the hair does not contaminated pool water containing chemicals.

Do Trim hair / hair cut a little (1 to 3 cm) of at least 1 month, because it is very useful to remove hair that is dry, brittle and branching.

Avoid too much hair paint, do not use a hair dryer is too hot temperature in the distance is too close. Make a cream bath once a week to nourish the hair roots. And because hair is made from 97-100% protein, diligent, industrious deh try to consume foods that contain lots of protein such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans and potatoes

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