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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healthy hair tips

Hair is a crown for us. In order to keep the hair remains black, shiny and strong there is some way we can do. There are 3 things that are important in caring for the beauty of hair in between, we have to maintain health, hygiene and selective in choosing a cosmetic for hair.

There are a few tips that facilitate us in caring for our hair, among others:

Strict diet
Strict diet in our diet may have implications for our hair, our hair will fall out quickly due to iron deficiency due to diet in which we live. Iron consumed due to the hair is hampered because of diet that we do. Because iron is obtained from food eggs, meat, wheat, beans and cereals. It is advisable to eat fresh fruits to meet the needs of vitamin C. Because vitamin C to function in iron absorption.

Short hair cut
It serves us to be easier to maintain cleanliness of the scalp. For the women do not be shy with the short hair model, because many women are now choosing to be a short haircut. And do not worry in cutting your hair regularly as it will not make your hair grow faster.

Makes Damaged Hair
Although our scalp and strong enough to survive the harsh treatment, yet he will be damaged as well due to too much use of chemicals, dyes hair and massage. Resilience hair every person on the use of chemicals in hair cosmetics vary. Generally scalp has an allergy caused by staining the resulting inflammation and swelling. To avoid this, try first before being used on the surface of the hand. If there is inflammation, do not use on hair. Better consultation with your doctor to better know the beauty of a suitable dye materials for leather kepla us.

Be careful in using hair dye made from hydrogen peroxide. If your hair too often exposed to this material, the hair will become brittle, rough and cracked.

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