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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flying Car Ready For Sale in U.S.

The future is happening today. That's the right expression when you see this one flying car.

The Transition, was ready to be thrown into the community with bandrol 194 thousand U.S. dollars (USD 2.3 billion)

Transition is a vehicle that is considered today to bridge the two vehicles, cars and airplanes. Although considered to be feasible as flying cars, perusabaan who designed it, Terrafugia, prefer to call Transition as a 'plane that can be used on the highway'.

Operation is quite easy. You can just sit behind the wheel, developed two wings that are next to body, then you are ready to fly.
Distance of five hundred miles you can travel with one tank bensin.Dan if you want to land, just the two wings earlier and berkendaralah as usual.

Terrafugia, of Woburn, Mass.. not the first manufacturer to come out with flying car concept. But the company that built the MIT graduate, is the first to reach the production stage.

"Maybe this is a dream concept car and the car emerged from the plane," said a member of Aviation Group, based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, Dick Knapinski.

But to be able to drive a Transition, a person must be pocketed permission to fly from administrative agencies Aviation Agency (FAA). Currently in the U.S., there were 600 thousand of people who pocketed permission from the FAA.

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