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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five Eating Habits To Relieve Stress

The bustle and pressure of daily work without us knowing it twill times led to stress. There are many fugitives to relieve stress, among which are food. What's your favorite food as a stress reliever? Most people might choose ice cream or chocolate as a favorite stress reliever. We often stress transfer through the food that creates a feeling of comfort. Next time when you want to relieve stress with select food or drink fruit teas without caffeine than coffee.

1. Eat Meat
Red meat? Most of us avoid eating meat, but wait a minute actually meat have a positive effect for our bodies. Meat contains iron, vitamin B and zinc, all of these substances needed to reduce stress levels. But if you consume too much red meat can cause heart and cholesterol. So consumption in moderation.

2. Reduce Coffee
Of course, one cup of coffee in the morning can increase the spirit of leaving office. But coffee also has a share in the increase of stress. Caffeine makes your body releases stress hormones that increase and make the body in a fixed stress level. Reduce consumption of caffeine will mengungangi amount of hormone that is released andrenal gland and makes you do not feel the pressure.

3. Drinking Glass of Milk
Add the milk in your diet to be one of the best ways to provide what the body needs, as well as keep you feeling calm. A glass of milk increase intake of anti-oxidants, B vitamins, protein and calcium in your body. All these substances are essential for your awareness.

4. Fish Consumption
Fish, especially tuna and salmon in the menu will help you stay on track, stress-free. These types of fish contain vitamin B which is useful to increase serotonin, a substance which is useful in preventing depression. Enter the menu of this fish in your diet at least twice a week.

5. Eating Disorders With

Diet to relieve stress is actually easy to do, the most important, try to always eat natural foods, avoid foods that are processed instantly or in the factory.

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