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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beware of Cervical Cancer

The term cervical cancer are not new to our ears again. This type of cancer is widely feared by many women because of this cancer in women because this type of cancer that attacks the organs of the female body in the cervix. This disease attacks the exact area of the cervix.

The cervix is the entrance into the uterus or womb is called between the uterus with the vagina of women. Research mnyatakan that cancer is caused by a virus called the human papilloma virus oncogenic or abbreviated as HPV. At the beginning of this attack cervical cancer, but on the next stage of this kanketr can attack other organs that exist in the patient's body.

World Health Organization states that cervical cancer has ranked first the various types of cancer cause of death for women in the world. Meanwhile, in Indonesia there are already many cases caused by this disease. In fact many of them claimed the death of this disease.

No wonder Indonesia is a country that has the highest person in the world. In addition to the HPV virus that has caused more than 100 types, but do not have a high attack power so there is just disappeared.

In addition, pollution from chemical substances in a long time that occurs in cells in the cervix of women. This type of cancer can be transferred to others through sexual contact, especially for those of you who like to switch partners. The use of condoms will not prevent transmission of the virus of this type because it can also occur through the touch of skin.

To be aware of cervical cancer, it helps us recognize the symptoms of disease caused by this cancer. If you are sexually active players then you should perform a medical examination every two years a vital tool to ensuring your physical condition.

While the actual physical symptoms can only be seen in patients with advanced stage. The existence of the pain and bleeding during intercourse, unusual vaginal discharge in the vaginal area, the emergence of blood outside the menstrual period, a drastic weight loss is the other physical signs.

If the cancer has spread to the pelvic area, then the patient will feel pain in your back. Difficulty in urination and kidney enlargement is also the other physical symptoms.

The growth period of this disease can be quite long. This period is called the preinvasif or unusual cell growth before raged. Its growth between 5 to 20 years, starting with the stage of infection, later referred to as pre-cancer, cervical cancer to become apparent.

Experts say that smoking can lead to the growth of cervical cancer cells. According to an expert from Sweden substance nicotine and other toxins that settle in the blood may result in the growth of cells is not normal in a woman's uterus. In addition, women aged 35 to 50 years are very susceptible to this disease. If you do a strict diet that causes decreased immunity, then you will most likely contracted the virus this cervical cancer.

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