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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The benefits of pregnancy exercise

Pregnancy is a time-the most awaited moment for couples newly married. But if you are pregnant. Keep your body health and the baby in the womb in order to remain healthy and can give birth safely.

There are many ways you can do to live healthy while pregnant. As eating-healthy foods, exercise, adequate rest and another sebaginya.

Speaking of sports issues, for pregnant women can exercise with pregnancy exercise. Pregnancy exercise is necessary for health, especially for the preparation of future labor.

Not only that, if performed regularly, exercise movement is also beneficial to reduce the complaints that may arise while you are pregnant. Especially in the last three months of pregnancy, such as stiffness in certain parts of the body.

To ascertain the movement of pregnancy exercise is suitable for you, please consult your doctor. Typically, the gynecologist will perform a complete inspection to ensure safe pregnancy exercise is done for you and the fetus. So, in order to get these benefits, exercise is recommended after 28 weeks (seven months).

Generally, starting with exercises done in class with the guidance of experienced instructors. Husband also be included to help you do the movements. At least, this activity can also make her husband feel they have a role in maintaining the condition of your pregnancy.

However, if you want to do gymnastics at home, you should consult the instructor to ensure safe whether or not these movements are done at home.

Perhaps when viewed from its movements, pregnancy exercise just gymnastics, sports should only keeps the body fresh and fit. However, following a pregnancy exercise program to prove that pregnancy exercise was very helpful during the process of giving birth to her first child.

The benefits of pregnancy exercise is very good when the birthing process. Because the opening is also increased from two openings, eventually performed the induction.

During the induction of more and more intense contractions. Moreover, aided by making the correct and regular breathing. Thus, at the last moment, in which the contractions more intense and closer intervals.

Doctors warned his breath, just like the way the setting of breath during pregnancy exercise. And the result was great, and can cope with pain very, very well.

That need to be remembered by the mother during childbirth seconds. Do not try to fight the pain during contractions, as this will make the utmost effort and pain of increasingly severe.

So also at the exit of the baby, it turns out the benefits of pregnancy exercise more pronounced again. By learning to take a breather as in pregnancy exercise, the process of spending our children is not too difficult, because many stories are told if we're wrong straining to make out a baby.

Maternal power can be controlled or improved by doing gymnastics pregnant. Pregnancy exercise can be done regularly since the pregnancy four months to give birth.

The goal is that labor can run easily and smoothly. Another benefit, pregnancy exercise direct or indirect role lower morbidity and mortality of mothers and babies are born.

It was delivered by dr. Arika Dewa Ketut Seputra, Sp.OG. Seminar and Workshop in Labor and Gymnastics Course Benefits Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Described, pregnancy affects the physical and emotional changes in pregnant women. During pregnancy, emotions easily go down and up. Emerging anxiety and fear of childbirth and the baby's condition in utero.

This could be due to hormonal changes in the body and the desire of the mother's husband gets the attention and the environment. Therefore pregnant women should monitor the development of fetal well-being by asking the midwife or doctor and follow the course of labor.

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