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Monday, June 27, 2011

Arrest Order hue Gaddafi Himself

Thousands of anti-regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi city rejoiced and danced in the middle of the road after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader. In Tripoli, Gaddafi did not publicly acknowledge publicly that an arrest warrant, which he regards as a political decision.

According to news agency Associated Press (AP), orders the arrest of Gaddafi published in The Hague, Netherlands, Monday. Gaddafi should be tried on charges of crimes against humanity because it is responsible for the murder of Libyan citizens who oppose his regime.

Not explained how the Court will catch Gaddafi, considering they do not have the tools to implement them. Success depends on the successful capture of the rebels to defeat the Gaddafi regime. Based in Benghazi, Libya's second largest city after the capital city of Tripoli, the rebel forces have been getting help from NATO air strikes.

Supported by the U.S., France, Britain, and numerous other countries, NATO forces since mid-March and then routinely carried out air strikes on military facilities Gaddafi's regime with a pretext to support a Security Council resolution the United Nations gave a mandate to protect citizens from government attacks them Libyan own.

Also filed an arrest warrant for one of Gaddafi's son, Seif al-Islam, and the Libyan intelligence chief, Abdullah al-Sanoussi. The three were accused of killing, injuring, capturing, and imprisoning hundreds of Libyan citizens during the first 12 days of a wave of anti-regime protests Gaddafi.

According to the Supreme Court, Sanji Monageng of Botswana, the prosecution team has shown evidence that Gaddafi and those close to him have been designing policies to combat the protests of civilians by any means, including deadly force.

Gaddafi's regime rejected the Court's policy. "This court is nothing but a tactic for NATO military operations," said the Libyan Justice Minister, Mohammed al-Qamudi.

Meanwhile, residents of Benghazi named Mohammed al-Nazeif state arrest warrant for Kadhafi is one of the beautiful moments of his life. "We want to be tried in Libya's Gaddafi in front of people. Even if we are dead, our children are going to do it," said al-Nazeif.


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