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Sunday, June 5, 2011

After Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail too So Target Attack

Johannesburg - Efforts that target the infiltration of Google's email service, Gmail, seems like a 'chain attack'. After Gmail, predictable players also will place Yahoo and Hotmail as the target of attacks.

Internet security firm Trend Micro has issued a warning of the infiltration experiments on email service owned by Yahoo and Microsoft.

"So far there have been various attacks against popular webmail platform," said security analyst at Trend Micro, Nart Villeneuve, quoted by AFP on Sunday (5 / 6 / / 2011).

"After the attacks on Gmail, Hotmail and similar services such as Yahoo also will be the next target. While the model seems to attack will be done separately, this has some significant similarities," said Villeneuve.

Google itself has previously recognized the action of hackers attempting to break into the Gmail service. Suspected perpetrators came from China.

Allegedly, the action is an attempt to get passwords from hundreds of users of Google's email service. Including the United States government officials, activists and journalists from China.

Google says, in his official blog, that this attack one of them using phishing methods. This method is used to trick users to submit sensitive data such as passwords.

Allegedly, an effort was made to monitor the content of an email the target of the attack. Its objectives include senior officials in the U.S. government, Chinese political activists, officials in several countries in Asia (especially South Korea), military personnel and journalists.

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