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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not Ready to Win, Rossi Shutter Catalunya

Estoril - Considering the circumstances, Valentino Rossi quite satisfied with the result at Estoril. Due to his condition he might also just be able to show off in the next two series.

Rossi is only able to end the Portuguese MotoGP race on Sunday (05/01/2011) evening hrs in the top five after passed the finish line ahead of Andrea Dovizioso.

"We are pleased with the outcome of this race, especially because I'm happy with my physical condition, I can go as normal until the end of the race," Rossi values in Autosport.

However, the Ducati rider claimed to have reached 100% condition. Thus Rossi also thinks he is not ready to race with victory pursue full fitness level.

In addition, Ducati ketingalan also still need to trim about 0.4 seconds of the drivers leading to victory. If it can be done, plus his condition improved, optimistic Rossi be competitive in MotoGP Catalunya who became the fifth series this season.

"Now we have to fix the motor to try to solve some problems."

"I thought we were not ready to win. Le Mans is only targeted to improve the position. Maybe I was not going 100% at Le Mans. But to Barcelona I think I'll fit,"said Rossi.

After Estoril, MotoGP will be visited France at Le Mans on May 15 next. Afterwards turn Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona will be undertaken on 5 June.

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