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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mysterious Virus Attack South Korean citizen, is suspected Similar Flu

Seoul, attack the mysterious virus infecting eight South Koreans, mostly pregnant women. The death toll up to now 2 people. Can not ascertain the type of virus, but allegedly still associated with swine flu or H1N1. South Korea's Agency for disease prevention, Korea Center for Disaster Control and Prevention (KCDC) is currently examining specimens taken from patients to be examined genetically. It is estimated that a new type of virus can be known to 8 weeks.

"The virus that we can from these specimens more than the common cold virus. We need more time to see the cause of disruption in his lungs," said Yang Byoung-goog, KCDC spokesman was quoted as saying of Recombinomics, Monday (30/05/2011 .)

No more detailed explanation, but comments Byoung-goog implies the involvement of the H1N1 type of flu virus. Especially in demography, Byoung-eighth goog assess patients met the criteria for suspected H1N1 patients. As quoted by Xinhua, 7 of 8 patients who contracted a mysterious virus is pregnant and the average was about to give birth. The rest was a man aged around 40 years who were treated intensively in the state capital, Seoul.

Both victims died are pregnant women, one 36-year-old woman with pregnancy up to 9 months. He died just 15 days later than the first victim's death is also pregnant, but doctors managed to save a baby who was conceived by both. The victims killed are generally experiencing the early symptoms resemble the flu, but continues with pulmonary fibrosis that is a type of injury in the lung tissue. Accompanied by thickening of tissue injury triggers a lethal multiorgan failure.

Meanwhile, 5 of 6 survivors are now awaiting the birth of her baby moments as he continued to undergo intensive treatment. Two patients had been allowed to go home after receiving donor tissue for transplantation or lung transplant.

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