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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Infertile If tumor Proven Stress Sufferers

Jakarta, tumor growth is closely linked to psychological factors. When sufferers of stress, increased tumor growth and reverse the growth of tumors that are very fast will create more stress sufferers.

Stress or mental pressure may aggravate the condition known indeed malignant cancer alias, can even trigger a relapse for those who have been declared cured. For those who still fight against cancer, stress can decrease the chance of cure.

Recent research conducted Carolyn Fang, PhD, of Fox Chase Cancer Center again proves it. In that study, the type of cancer that proved their development can deteriorate due to stress is a cancer around the neck and head.

The deteriorating condition of cancer seen from increased Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), which is a protein that marks the growth of cancer cells. The higher levels of VEGF in the body, a sign the cancer had more rapid growth.

The observation of a number of head and neck cancer patients showed the highest levels of VEGF are owned by the patient the most stress. Quoted from, Wednesday (05/11/2011), VEGF levels were measured through laboratory tests while the levels observed from the results of psychological stress.

In addition, researchers also revealed that patients with head and neck cancer who have high VEGF tended to have a smaller chance of recovery. Even if the same can not be cured, patients who have low levels of VEGF tended to die more quickly.

Fang added, stress not only affects the VEGF in head and neck cancer, but both types of other cancers such as ovarian cancer (ovarian). Presumably, the increase in VEGF in the stress triggered by the release of certain compounds, including epinephrine.

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