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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

9 Through Internet Shopping Guide

Jakarta - Shopping online is fun because the event was very easy for the buyer and seller. Benefits for buyers, you could see the collections of the vendor for free and get the convenience of shopping. As for sellers, no need to open a store so it is more cost effective.

Although beneficial for both sides, online shopping also has its risks. For example you can not control the current financial transactions and rampant fraud.

Here are some suggestions to prevent waste and fraud to not get stuck while doing online shopping transaction. Suggestions were supplied by Carol Young, a specialist financial investigators Kansas State University who is quoted Sheknows:

1. Check your finances regularly
To avoid the waste of money, should you find out your shopping budget. That way you can control all transactions are done online shopping.

2. Use only one credit card or an account number
When you make payment by credit card or bank transfer, Young recommends using only one credit card or an account number. It can facilitate a refund for cancellations due to expenditures or disability goods.

3. Ensure a secure online site
For more safe, make sure the transaction into the web address http://. Today quite a lot of fake sites even if you opened your account to make a computer or a virus. Also make sure when you click the order note the browser bar, if there are signs such as padlock or secure.

4. Be cautious in giving personal information
Wherever possible you provide personal information that standard, such as name, address, telephone number or bank account number for refunds in case of return of goods. When booking, make sure you record phone numbers and addresses online boutique clearly.

5. Reputation online boutique
Do not be fooled by the product and the price offered. You also must consider the reputation of these boutiques. Usually in these boutique sites have testimonials of its customers as its reputation selling points.

6. Shopping products needed
To reduce waste, then the expenditure is in accordance with the needs not wants. Keep looking for an online shopping site the best. To buy goods from reputable brand, you should go directly to their original site so that the goods you buy guaranteed authenticity.

7. Make a check price
Before you buy, you should also compare prices on the website with a boutique in your town. Look at the comparison, whether or not the price is far adrift.

8. Ask about payment options
In the transaction, each online boutique will offer a variety of payment methods, such as through credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer is the most common in Indonesia. But now, many online boutiques that provide payment via credit card. For that you should be more careful.

9. Save evidence of the transaction
If you already pay for it with mentransferkan some money into a designated account number, then save the evidence of such transfer. Likewise, if you pay via credit card, you should keep proof of payment confirmation sent to your email.

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