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Friday, May 6, 2011

6 Thousand Police Ready to Secure ASEAN Summit

Jakarta - 18th ASEAN Summit officially starts from today until May 8, 2011. To secure the event, police mobilized 6138 of its members.

"There are 6138 personnel assigned to secure the ASEAN Summit," said Karoops Jakarta Police, Senior Commissioner Pol Sudjarno when contacted by AFP on Saturday (05/07/2011).

The amount of that will be deployed to various points in Jakarta. Some of the vital objects, such as HI Roundabout, Roundabout Semanggi also not forget the extra tight police guard.

According Sudjarno, the whole point of going through the delegation of friendly countries until the hotel where they stay, will receive priority. These points will be kept for 24 hours straight.

"The main concentrations remain at JCC (Jakarta Convention Center)," said Sudjarno.

Meanwhile, the Head of Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr Baharudin Djafar confirms its readiness to secure this grand celebration. "We are ready to Success of this event,"said Baharudin.

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