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Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Indonesians Sue House

VIVAnews - An employee at an Indonesian state-owned enterprise and a lawyer have officially filed a citizen lawsuit against the House of Representatives (DPR) as the institution decided to approve budget for developing new House building worth Rp 1.16 trillion (US$134 million).

"The lawsuit is officially registered at the Central Jakarta District Court," said Habiburokhman, lawyer of the two plaintiffs, Adi Partogi and Fx Arief Poyuono, on Monday. Habiburokhman also acts as Coordinator of Indonesia Raya Legal Advocacy Agency.

The DPR is considered as having violated the law by ratifying the budget of new building development.

"It's clearly against Article 3 Section 11 of Law No.17/2003 on State Finance," said Habiburokhman.

The lawsuit is aimed at every member of the DPR. "Granted that the defendants agree to build new offices, the plaintiffs have therein lost their right for being listened to as citizens," he said. The plaintiffs call on the Central Jakarta District Court to cancel the development plan.

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