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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tree Hair Loss

Treat hair to be beautiful always maintained. Because the strand by strand so precious.

Release Stress
Pollution, sunlight, and chemical products, spurring stress on hair. In order to relax, massage the scalp and hair with cem-ceman oil, an hour before shampooing and before bed.

Besides relaxing scalp and hair, coconut oil also prevents gray hair, hair highlight, and strengthens the hair roots.

Moisturize hair
After shampooing, use hair conditioner made from coconut milk. The result? You get Perfumed hair and easy to comb. But, do not get the scalp, yes, because it makes hair greasy.
Care for Every Time
Once a month treat hair with hair mask.
Mask making healthier hair. Fragrant in hair roots strengthens mask, hair roots, eliminates dandruff, too, you know.

Give Nutrition
Stimulation of hair growth with hair tonic. Once drippings touch the scalp, it felt very fresh. Massage with gentle, yes!

Select the fill strands make it stronger and not easily broken. Well protected hair smooth and shiny

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