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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RI, Turkey commit to reach US$5.0 mln bilateral trade target

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The governments of Indonesia and Turkey have emphasized their commitment to reaching a bilateral trade target of 5.0 billion US dollars in 2015 by enhancing economic cooperation and participation of their private sectors.

"Both countries have great economic potentials. I have conveyed to the businessmen who joined me in this visit that Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources so that it has great potentials for investments," said Turkish President Abdullah Gul at a joint press conference at the State Palace in Jakarta, on Tuesday, after a bilateral talk with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

President Gul said the economies of the two countries had been growing well and would do so even more strongly if they synergized in a mutually beneficial cooperation.

President Yudhoyono said that the two countries at their leadership level have discussed basic matters on augmenting bilateral economic and trade ties and have agreed on achieving the target of 5.0 billion US dollars by value in 2015.

Both presidents even stated their agreement that the bilateral trade value would be enhanced even more to the level of 10 billion US dollars per year in the longer period of time.

President Yudhoyono added that after the agreement on the leadership levels, the commitment will be followed up by the actions on ministerial levels and downwards at the technical levels to prepare for the details of the cooperation and on solving problems should they arise hampering the cooperation.

"I`m optimistic that each and every issue or problems could be solved by finding their best solutions for both countries," President Yudhoyono said, adding that the commitment of reaching the 5.0 billion US dollars target value would be achievable with the interaction of the businessmen from the two countries.

By re-emphasizing their commitment on reaching the trade target, as hinted by the two leaders, Indonesia and Turkey have entered a new phase in their bilateral relations, viz. comprehensive partnership on various sectors.

In one article of their agreement, the two leaders state that they will instruct their ministers to follow up the agreement by taking needed measures to encourage cooperation in trade, investment and economic and trade comprehensive partnership.

The talk between the Indonesian and Turkey leaders was a continuation of their previous talk in Ankara, Turkey, when President Yudhoyono visited Turkey in June 2010.

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