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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prevent migraines & Treating Migraine

Prevent migraines

No doubt, one of the causes of migraine is due to the heavy thoughts. For that, try to calm your mind. Perform relaxation of mind, for example by doing your hobby, gardening, listening to music or other activities fun for you.

In addition to the mind, physically also need to receive training in order to stay in top shape, exercise regularly should be a matter that can not be forgotten. Sport is a sport which should be selected with a mild physical activity, such as walking, aerobics, or cycling.

Good sleep patterns will support health and prevent migraine attacks you. Sleep should be in sufficient time, the term of adults should sleep for 6-8 hours a day. If possible, should sleep and wake at the same time every day.

If you are currently running the hormone therapy, should discuss this with your doctor for a solution can be given. This is because migraines can be caused by changes in hormone estrogen.

Treating Migraine

The first step that can be done when the migraine attack is to try to relax and calm the mind. Sleep in a quiet and dark place while trying to relax. You can put ice that has been wrapped in cloth to be placed behind the head. Then do the gentle massage on the head.

If you are frequently attacked by migraine, we encourage you to consult a doctor to get proper treatment. In addition, the examination is also useful to know for sure if the headache you're experiencing is a migraine disease or other headaches because sometimes, the other head disease showing symptoms similar to migraine. Continue to live a healthy lifestyle and avoiding migraine triggers for migraines are not approached.

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