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Monday, April 11, 2011

PLN objects to World Bank`s review

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) - The state-run power company PT PLN objected to the World Bank`s review and assessment on its low reliability of power distribution in East Java which forced many companies to use diesel generators.

"We object to the assessment and recommendations because today`s PLN is better than two years ago," said a spokesperson for East Java PLN distribution, M Tabrani Mahmudsyah here Monday,

Data on power blackouts are mentioned in the World Bank`s research on "East Java Economic Growth Diagnose" conveyed by panelist Gregorius DV Pattinasarani at East Java Development Planning Board Monday.

The research showed that the power disruption occurs 3.34 times per customer with up to 174.38 minutes per customer in 2008.

Based on facts, the World Banks concludes that East Java`s energy availability is not enough to meet prime services.

Tabrani confirmed the data but he said that the World Bank must also expose their latest data which mentioned that in 2010, electrical blackouts occurred up to 2.8 times per customer with 100.91 minutes per customer.

"Therefore our company experience a major service quality improvement and the World Bank must be fair in its assessment," he said.

Tabrani said that the World Bank review is not only to affect the company`s name but also neglecting the PLN East Java`s hard work.

East Java`s economic growth in 2010 reached 6.7 percent, and PLN performance growth is always higher than economic growth, he said.

The recent installed energy capacity at the East Java distribution area reaches 7.000 megawatts with a maximum peak load of 3.916 megawatts.

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