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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Treat Eye Minus Traditional

Traditional Minus How to Treat Eye - One of the tips to cure or Treat Eye Minus Experience with traditional medicine or therapy is to use betel leaf material.
One health disorder in the eye to watch out for is early myopia. The disturbance generally occurs at age children through adolescence. To overcome or cure, other than medical, you can use the betel leaf.

Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness. A state in which the eye can see objects nearby, but fled when seeing distant objects. In termonologis, "myopia" is derived from the Greek word for squint. Patients with this disorder are always squinting to see more distant objects clearly. That is one of the main characteristics of patients with myopia.

According to the expert eye treatment with betel leaf therapy, the hallmark of the development of myopia is a disorder that continues to increase until adolescence, then decline in young adulthood. Although somewhat rare, myopia can be caused by a change in curvature of the cornea or the lens of the eye deformity.

Typically, myopia occurs because the eyeball axis memanjangnya, so the eye is oval shaped. Elongation axis causes refractive media is difficult to focus the beam of light. In line with memanjangnya eyeball axis, the degree of myopia increases. At the age of children through adolescence, the process of elongation of the eyeball can be part of the body growth. Added degree of myopia requires an increasingly heavy glasses degrees of strength. Therefore, patients, patients at the age of 20-40 years are encouraged to conduct examination every 6 months.

Minus Eye symptoms

In nearsightedness (myopia, eye minus), the axis of the eye is too convex, so that the shadow object falls in front of the retina. As a result, distant objects are not clearly visible. Without glasses, patients with nearsightedness will have a headache and pain in the eye.

The symptoms are throbbing head pain, especially the front, the eye sore and heavy, feels like going out and tears melt excessive. This condition usually improves when the eye rested or with taking medication antinyeri. But often recur over time.

Is myopia can cause headaches? Myopia can indeed cause headaches. For a person with myopia, at the time saw myopia, when viewing distance, a shadow fell in front of the retina, thereby reducing the curvature of the lens. Change of curvature is called eye accommodation capacity. Berakomodasi eye continuously for long periods will cause fatigue. This is what sparked eyestrain headache and pain in the eye.

Betel Leaf Therapy To Treat Eye Minus

Why betel leaf? This plant has many benefits to prevent health problems and treat disease. In Chinese pharmacology, known as the betel plant that has a warm and spicy nature. They use betel leaves to shed the fart, stop coughing, reduce inflammation and relieve itching. In India, the betel leaf is known as a warm aromatic substances, are antiseptic, and even enhance sex drive.

According to Dewi, betel leaves contain essential oils, namely kadinen, kavikol, cineol, eugenol, and karvakol. Essential oil of betel leaf contains sesquiterpenes, starch, diatase, sugar, and tannic substances and who have the power kavikol deadly germs, antioxidants, fungicides, and antifungal. Betel leaf contains an antifungal substance. Betel leaves contain an antiseptic substance in all its parts.

To know the disease suffered by the patient, usually first Goddard put his left palm with oil kasturi. Herein lies the privilege Goddess. He can find a variety of patient illnesses by looking at the palm of his own hands. That's the way Goddess diagnose disease patients.

After that he take medication. The first was conducted by the Goddess is menotok nerve in the eye area. "The eye that was circular, so be careful," he said. Then he gave some betel leaves for treatment at home. Betel leaf folded into four sections. Bone-shaped part that is outside. After that, betel leaf stuck in the eye with hansaplast and leave for overnight. This is to remove dirt that is in the eye.

Goddard also provide eye drug cocktail that has been formed into a capsule. "If the form of herbs, usually people will be reluctant to drink. So Mother racik into capsules, "he said.

Well, now you have read the How to Treat Eye Traditional Minus using this betel leaf, it also increases your health sciences.

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