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Thursday, April 21, 2011

How do DNA test?

In this example is a DNA test to prove whether a child really is the biological child of a husband and wife.

How to check DNA tests done by taking STR from the child. Furthermore, the laboratory will be analyzed this sequence strands STR same whether the order with someone who made a pattern from a child. The order is not the only one because the examination was continued by looking at the number of chromosomes.

For example, the examination of a child found that the chromosome number 3 has a sequence AGACT with repetition 2 times.

When the father or mother who claimed his biological parents also have a repetition of the same on the same chromosome number, it can be concluded between the 2 people that have family ties.

A person can be said to have a blood relationship if you have 16 STR in common with his biological ancestry.

When the order and repetition of the same, then the two people who checked a sibling bond or a close blood relationship.

This amount is quite small compared with the overall bond spiral in our bodies, amounting to billions.

DNA testing is done by taking a little part of your body to compare with others.

The part that can be taken to be checked is the hair, saliva, urine, vaginal fluid, semen, blood and other body tissues. This sample will not change throughout one's life.

The use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs will not change the structure of DNA. The results of DNA tests will be run from a new patient can be seen 2-4 weeks. Costs required for DNA tests currently around 7 to 8 million dollars.

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