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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Foods That Cause Acid Uric

Foods That Cause Acid Uric
often every time there is a sense of pain in the joints, gout is considered directly, it seems to have become a kind of myth in society, much more so the situation is reinforced by the advertising of medicinal plants or traditional medicine. As I've posted previously discussed,
to ensure ngilu2 or swollen joints had uric acid necessary laboratory tests.

So not all the joint pain or swollen joints was uric acid. The definition of uric acid is the acid crystals, which is the end result of the metabolism of purines, purine is present in our body normally and can be found in foods that are mainly derived from plants or animals. There are several types of foods or drinks that can increase uric acid, will be listed at the bottom.

The most core of each of us has actually uric acid, because acid is the result of normal metabolism, but the levels should be maintained and should not be to excess. Normally our body only requires about 15% tambahanpurin, while the rest of the body can provide its own, if we eat too many foods containing purines, the uric acid levels will exceed normal levels, ie above 7 mg / dl, this will result in joint pain and swelling , the most typical is the affected joint is
especially the big toe joint (podagra). About the classification of foods containing uric acid as follows:

I. Group Foods containing high purine:
Jerohan (liver, kidney, brain, heart, lungs, intestines, etc.), Group of the Sea Fish (Shrimp,
tuna, sardines, tengiri, clams, crabs, lobsters, squid, squid, mussels, etc.), Meat Extract (
shredded, dried meat), Yeast / tape, canned foods and foods containing alcohol.

II. Classification of foods containing purines are:
Beef, peas and beans, cabbage, spinach, kale, beans, cassava leaves, papaya leaves,
mushrooms, asparagus.

III. Class of low purine-containing foods:
Fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese.

So for those of you who have uric acid levels more than 7 should avoid foods that contain high purine and limit / reduce foods containing purines are, so you will always hinge joints healthy.

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