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Thursday, April 21, 2011

DNA Tests

On mitochondrial DNA known as mitochondrial DNA obtained from maternal overall.

Tests with mitochondrial DNA mengembil one can identify whether someone has a family relationship with the family of the mother or the maternal family relationships.

You do this by comparing the mitochondrial DNA had with the biological mother, grandmother or siblings of the mother.

Because a mother is fully lowered mitochondrial DNA to their children, what about the father? A father will inherit a Y chromosome to his son (because the Y chromosome has only male XY sex chromosomes). While the girls do not have Y chromosomes (XX female sex chromosome).

To prove the family's relationship with his father's side can be done by comparing the Y chromosomes of a child with her biological father or the brother of the father's side.

Because the Y chromosome examination only for boys, then how to do DNA tests on a girl?

DNA testing is done by taking DNA from somatic chromosomes. Institute of DNA in the somatic almost the same in every person as it works to establish the functions and organs. Sequence errors can lead to disruption in humans is concerned.

But at the core of these cells also contained an area known as the area of ​​STR (short tandem repeats). This area does not give the code to do something.

STR is what is unique because it is different for each person. The difference lies in the sequence of base pairs generated and the sequence repetition STR.

AGACC sequence will be different with someone who has a string of AGACT. So is the sequence of repetition that is unique. STR pattern is inherited from parents.

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