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Friday, April 8, 2011

Causes Infertility In Men and Women

Causes Infertility In Men and Women. Each person usually wants to have some kids who came from his own flesh and blood. But not everyone can have children even though the physical health condition of the body parts reproduction no significant problems. It takes a strong will and efforts of couples who want children to be able to get offspring.

Consider some penyabab declining fertility in humans that affect the quality of sperm and egg:

1. Smoking / Inhaling Smoke and Air Pollution

People who smoke and also the people around smokers often inhale cigarette smoke could be affected by severe if it lasts continuously for in cigarette smoke contains toxins that are harmful to the reproductive system.

Cigarette toxins can cause disorders of pregnancy, fetal disorders, miscarriage, slow sperm movement, damage the reproductive system, ovulation is not smooth, and so does very well for those who want to have ketururunan.

Exhaust fumes of motor vehicle exhaust, factory exhaust air waste, smoke from burning trash, burning smoke cooking food and so forth can affect hormone balance in the body and reduce the quality of the egg and sperm wife's husband. Avoid areas that generate high air pollution and use protective masks if forced to be in areas polluted air pollution.

2. Drinks Containing Alcohol / Alcoholic Liquor

Too much alcohol can interfere with estrogen and progesterone hormones that can hamper the process of conception / pregnancy. Male sperm would be moving slow and seperma will decrease its production in the testes. Alcohol is not suitable for people who want a direct descendant.

3. And Electronic Product Radiation

Objects that are around us can become a threat in having children because it affects the quality of our reproductive systems such as cellular phones, aka hape that produce electrostatic and electromagnetic radiation that does not affect either the male sperm. Sperm can be damaged or abnormal if too often exposed to mobile phone radiation. Nuclear radiation are not good for the reproductive system.

Electronic products such as laptops should not lap in thigh near the testes / genitals because high temperatures can cause sperm to die. Avoid wearing trousers and underpants in the heat as well as objects that can heat your genitals for sperm remain in tip top condition when it is needed to fertilize the egg.

4. Age Infertile / Elderly

Fertile age women and is good to have a child under the age of 35 years. Therefore, career women should not postpone the wedding and get married if there is already a good mate. For an elderly woman clearly has no chance because they enter into menopause (sterile) when age 45 to 50 years.

After the age of 35 years of women's reproductive capacity will decrease due to the declining quality of eggs that are sometimes not capable of fertilization even though surrounded by the husband's sperm. Avoid getting married at older ages in women.

5. Negative Thoughts / Stress / Depression

Why stress and too much thought because it is useless. Negative thoughts can lower sex drive so that people who stress and a lot of thought tend to shy away from activities marital sex so as to reduce household harmony.

Stress and most also thought to reduce the quality of sperm cells and egg cells and the hormone testosterone in men. As a result of the negative thoughts that is difficult to have children bladder. Therefore, avoid stress by various methods as long as no harm with the active support of a husband / wife and family.

Health article "Cause Infertility In Men and Women" is expected to help you to be more careful about the impacts of all activities mentioned above.

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