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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Captains Union urges hijacked ship`s owner to secure hostages` release

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Captains Union (INNI) has asked PT Samudera Indonesia as the employer of 20 Indonesian sailors hijacked by Somali pirates to take immediate action to secure the hostages` release.

In a press seament issued here Tuesday, INNI Chairman Andi Pancha expressed concern over the fate of the 20 Indonesian sailors who have been detained by Somali pirates since March 16.

"We urge PT Samudera Indonesia to make efforts to secure the release of the Indonesian sailors," Andi said.

He suggested the ship owner to pay the ransom money required by the Somali pirates adding that the safety of the ship crew must be made a top priority.

Andi also expressed his side`s readiness to assist every efforts to release the hostages.

After hijacking the MV Sinar Kudus off the coast of East Africa on its voyage to Holland, the Somali pirates demanded a US$2.6 million ransom for the release of the ship and crew, but then they raised their ransom demand to US$3.5 million and then again to US$9 million. The shipment itself is valued at US$1.4 trillion.

Presidential spokesman for international affairs Tengku Faizasyah recently stated President Yudhoyono had received report regarding the situation of the 20 sailors.

"The president has instructed related ministries to make every efforts to save our sailor. However, it must be noted that solving this kind of case will take uncertain time," he said.

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