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Friday, April 29, 2011

Billions of People Watch Wedding William-Kate

London (ANTARA News) - Wedding Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton, on Friday, witnessed by billions of people and television viewers around the world, who missed watching the British royal family terakbar marriage in the last three decades.

Kate wore a white satin gown ivory a long dangle into Westminster Abbey witnessed thousands of people waving the long march and pray for the best for 29-year-old bride.

William, who arrived 45 minutes ahead of her lover, accompanied by his younger brother, Harry, who at once became the best man. He wore a red military uniform with a blue sash.

The ceremony will be the grandest celebration after the wedding William's mother, the late Princess Diana who married Prince Charles in 1981.

But absenya Diana, who died in a tragic car accident in France in 1997, seems to be felt throughout the wedding day, as was said a spokesman for Prince Charles, Paddy Harverson, that Diana will always be in memory of William.

"But I think today was about the future, about Catherine and Prince William, and this is their day. I think you'll menyasikannya works beautifully," said Herverson told BBC TV channel quoted as saying by Reuters.

Two billion people or about a third of the world's population, estimated to witness Diana's wedding was the eldest son married a normal girl who he had known since both of them continue their education at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, eight years ago.

William Athur Philip Louis, who also was second on the list of the heir to the throne of the British Empire was waving tanggan when passing long lines of people that go with it to the Abbey, the church which has 1,000 years old.

Kate went to the Abbey itself was accompanied by her father, Michael, and they walked down the corridor of Westminster Abbey accompanied by her sister Pippa Middleton.

Mengingormasikan palace officials that the dress worn 29-year-old girl was designed by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen.

Any of the guests who come from all classes. Beginning from footballer David Beckham, singer Elton John and comedian Rowan 'Mr. Bean 'Atkinson. Meanwhile, fifty members of the royal family and dozens of foreign royal families helped to enliven the wedding.

Queen Elizabeth II endowed the new couple with the title of Duke and Duches of Cambridge as a wedding gift.

Hundreds of thousands of people who camped on the Mall, a square near the Palace of Buckingham Palace, as a sea of ​​British flags, Union Jack.

"They will make the British monarchy back in style. This is good for the country," said Louise Akehurst (25), clerk in London.

Sandra Russell (65) which berdwikewarganegaraan Britain and France, said that the marriage will succeed because "Kate older than Diana when married, more mature, and because the couple was married for love."

"Charles was under pressure from his family. People are still angry with him and Camilla (his second wife). I hope that William will become the next king," he said.

Wedding guide book (Order of Service) the bride and groom also shows that she does not pledge allegiance to obey her husband in the promise of marriage, just as do Diana at her marriage to Charles, July 29, 1981, at the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Charles and Diana and divorced 15 years later.

In William and Kate wedding Mass will be sung hymns also played at Diana's funeral procession, which was also held at Westminster Abbey.

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom riding a golden carriage from the church to the Palace Buckingham Palace, where both will appear on the balcony, accompanied by kissing the royal family, according to the tradition of the British monarchy.

More than 8,500 journalists from around the world covered the event. While the world also will help celebrate the glorious event that, as in New York, Empire State Building's tower will be covered with light blue, white, and red to honor the royal couple.

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