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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Worried about the bomb, Van Bronckhorst Cancel to Indonesia

Jakarta - The rise of a bomb threat that has engulfed Indonesia in fact bring a negative impact. One of them is Giovanni Van Bronckhorst cancellation of a visit to the country for fear of a bomb explosion as happened in the Utan Kayu Community, yesterday Tuesday (15/03/2011).

This was conveyed by the father of former Dutch national team captain at the 2010 World Cup, Victor Van Bronckhorst who met at the airport detiksport Sultan Hasanuddin, Thursday (17/03/2011). According to Victor, his son off to fly to Jakarta today as worried about his personal safety, related to bomb blast incident at the Utan Kayu.

"Giovanni said, what the government would guarantee the safety of his life in Indonesia, he did not want to Indonesia if a lot of bombing going on," said Victor who was accompanied by his wife, Fransina Van Bronckhorst.

Van Bronckhorst was originally scheduled to join the program "Indonesia Tanah Air Beta" initiated by KEMENPORA and Special Advisor of President of Development Affairs and Regional Autonomy, to bring Dutch players 17 to 19 March this Moluccan descent.

Furthermore, Victor says his son will reschedule his plans to meet with representatives of the Indonesian government. This shows the desire of ex-Feyenoord player, Barcelona and Arsenal to visit the land of their ancestors were still big.

"Giovanni is still willing to make a project with the Indonesian government, this time I was with her mother Geovanni ronda-ronda (the streets) used in Makassar," added the 51-year-old man.

The arrival of Victor and Fransina to Makassar to visit relatives in the family van Bronckhorst Makassar Ambon which is a descendant of the Dutch. Victor was in Makassar plan for 5 days, before continuing his journey to Manado and Ambon.

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