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Sunday, March 27, 2011

NATO to curb Libya action to protecting civilians: diplomats

Brussels (ANTARA News/AFP) - A military plan drafted by NATO, which is preparing to take over all operations in Libya, would strictly limit the use of force to the protection of civilians and populated areas, diplomats told AFP on Sunday.

The three-month plan does not call for NATO to intervene in support of the armed rebellion fighting Moamer Kadhafi`s forces as the alliance will remain impartial in the conflict in Libya, the alliance diplomats said.

"NATO will always remain impartial. NATO does not take sides. The goal is to stop any potential danger for the population, in line with the UN Security Council resolution," said one diplomat, who asked not to be identified.

The rules of engagement prepared by military planners were to be presented later Sunday to NATO ambassadors, who must approve them and then decide whether the alliance will take over operations in Libya from a US-led coalition that has been pounding Kadhafi`s forces for the past week.

Turkey, NATO`s sole predominantly Muslim member, has been critical of the scope of the air and sea strikes conducted by Western powers since March 20 and expressed reservations about NATO intervention.

But Ankara has accepted a NATO role in Libya, agreeing to help police an arms embargo and lifting objections to the alliance enforcing a no-fly zone.

NATO`s military operations are regulated by rules of engagement, directives issued by military authorities which specify the circumstances and limits under which its forces will initiate and/or continue combat engagement with other forces.

The plan has an initial three-month period, but the United Nations and "all other actors" will monitor events continuously to decide whether NATO`s involvement should be extended, the sources said.

In a landmark decision, the United Nations Security Council approved "all necessary measures" to safeguard civilians under threat of attack.

A coalition led by the United States, France and Britian has been firing a barrage of missiles at Kadhafi`s forces since March 20, but several nations have called for NATO to take over the mission from the United States.

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