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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Manchester United Rooney Ready To Survive in the Age 30s

Manchester - Wayne Rooney strongly denied the newspaper that calls itself will leave at the end of the summer. Roo even intend to continue with Manchester United until the age of 30s.

Rumors unpleasant Rooney struck again after kisruhnya with the club some time ago. Bomber England international is once again rumored to be leaving Old Trafford at the end of the season.

Whereas football player who often greeted Wazza is finally showing commitments to the "Red Devils". It was shown with a five-year contract extension that has been agreed.

"Yes, you make me angry (with this question). I've never heard of the issue lie like this in my life," complained the former Everton striker was quoted by the Mirror.

"On Sunday I did not know there is this news in the papers until I came home from practice. I stopped for gas and some people asks me whether I would go in the summer. I do not know where the news comes from so I said: 'From Where did you hear this? "

"I'll be here until I was 30's, a clear way," he said.

Rooney added relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson is now running better. He was happy after it said wanted to leave at the beginning of this season.

"My relationship with Sir Aex no problems whatsoever. I enjoy football here and if I wanted to go in the summer of course I will not sign the contract," said Rooney.

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