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Sunday, March 20, 2011

khadafi vows to attack Allied Reply

VIVAnews - airstrikes the United States and its allies to some areas Libyan President Moammar Gaddafi makes wrath.

Libyan dictator is asserted that his country is ready for the "long war" with Western powers who had attacked troops with missile attacks.

In his statement to state television media, Gaddafi said there was "no justification" to intervene United States and European countries. He acknowledged, that the air attacks as terrorism.

As reported by VOA pages, U.S. and European air attacks on Saturday, March 19, 2011 yesterday, intended to enforce the no-fly zone which is a UN mandate to stop the Gaddafi.

A U.S. Defense Department officials said that over 112 Tomahawk missiles fired from U.S. and British ships in the Mediterranean. More than 20 targets are considered as a direct threat to coalition forces and civilians Libya.

Meanwhile, French jet aircraft attacked by air with missiles fired salvos into the eastern region. On the other hand, British troops also melesatkan their missiles into the northern region.

Libyan television said 48 people were killed and 150 wounded in the attack was allied to the Mediterranean region.

Gaddafi vowed to retaliate for the attacks against allied military and civilian facilities in the Mediterranean. Gaddafi said the region had become "a real battlefield."

After the allied attacks, thousands of supporters gathered at the shelter Gaddafi Gaddafi in Tripoli, to form human shields against possible air attacks. (Art)

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