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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Katie Holmes Designs Clothes for Women's Career

The flurry of activity that they feel inspired Katie Holmes and his business partner, Jeanne Yang to open a new label. Collection of clothes that they release for career women.

Katie Holmes developed a new line called the Holmes & Yang Clothing. This label was originally set aside for busy mothers. Katie and Jeanne revealed, their mission is to create a set of clothes aimed at career women are.

"Sometimes when the activities are very busy, we often forget what to wear and you just rely on simple pieces. That is what later became our challenge, "said Katie, as quoted by Femalefirst, Friday (03/18/2011).

"We both are working mothers, we were very busy. After becoming a mother, we were still undergoing the usual career, "he continued.

The outbreak of the idea of ​​making these lines when they realize they are equally fond of sewing agenda at home. Told NY magazine, Jeanne said, "It is very rare, and we became the people who diligently do things like that."

Katie who has a four-year daughter, Suri, the fruit of her love with Tom Cruise says his favorite things including sewing aprons, pillows, tablecloths, baby clothes, and Barbie clothes.

Questioning design, Jeanne said, "As much as 100 percent of our line is produced in America. We can make some beautiful pieces of clothing and luxury here. "

Kate and Jeanne are always talking about how they are the American public. And they also want people to realize this.

"You know, we do not have the best margins, but that's not a problem for us," said Jeanne. Katie added, "This is far more important than simply Made in USA."

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