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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indonesia's Pertamax Fuel Prices Hike

VIVAnews - State oil and gas company Pertamina fears consumers of Pertamax fuel will be shifting to using Premium fuel due to the increase in the non-subsidized fuel prices.

Today, March 16, Pertamina rises the prices of Pertamax, Pertamax Plus and Pertamina Dex at an average of Rp 600 per liter. In the Indonesian capital, Pertamax fuel prices climb to Rp 8,700 per liter.

"We see a decline in Pertamax fuel sales by 10-15 percent," said Pertamina Corporate Communications Vice President, Mochamad Harun.

According to him, the fall in Pertamax sales is a result of switch in fuel consumption from Pertamax to Premium. The Premium fuel use in February reached 1.82 million kiloliters, exceeding the quota set by the State Budget of 1.7 million kiloliters.

Premium fuel prices are tagged at Rp 4,500 per liter.

A Pertamax user told VIVAnews that buying Premium fuel for his motorbike will be more reasonable. "Should the prices keep on rising, I would use Premium fuel instead," said the anonymous source.

Downstream Oil and Gas Regulator recorded that Pertamax fuel consumption in February touched 53,054 kiloliters, lower than January at 62,727 kiloliters.
• VIVAnews

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