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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indonesian VP Fears over Economic Bubble

VIVAnews - Indonesian Vice President Boediono said in statement that the global economic downturn which affects the nation will be handled by applying conservative approaches. He said the government will try to avoid the possible economic bubble, which may pose threat to Indonesia.

"I am a conservative man," said Boediono in Jakarta today, March 1.

In his opinion, any macro indicators which deal primarily with debt structures, statements of financial position, inflation rate and exchange rates will be closely monitored.

Boediono believes multiple imbalances have been the dominant factors that the world has to deal with.

The surge in food prices has been world's main concern today amidst ongoing economic downturn. "[Food] also affects stock and financial markets," said Boediono.

In pursuit of lower food volatility, the government will stress efforts of food cluster program in Merauke, Papua, which may in turn enable better food supply to other countries.

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