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Monday, March 7, 2011

Indonesia Volcanoes Under Tight Monitoring

VIVAnews - Three Indonesian active volcanoes Tambora, Pusuk Buhit and Krakatau are under close monitoring by Center of Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation. Surono, the Center's chief, said, "The volcanoes have been under regular examination. Currently, it will be more intense."

"Tambora erupted greatly in 1815, which had affected Europe seriously. The period is known as The Year Without a Summer, leading to massive famines in the continent."

Surono went on to say that the Mt Merapi eruptions in 2010 equaled ones which took place in 1822. "There are potentials of recurrence. Yet, we can't predict when exactly the next eruption will occur," said Surono.

In addition to Tambora, Mt Krakatau in West Java is also recorded of having been produced deadly eruptions. It was August 27, 1883, at around 10.20 AM that the stratovolcano spewed millions of tonnes of ashes into the atmosphere. Scientists figured that the Krakatau eruptions had the explosive force 13,000 times the power of the atomic bombs which annihilated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In his opinion, the observation over Mt Anak Krakatau - which came into being after Mt Krakatau erupted - also holds an importance.

Meanwhile, periodical check over Mt Pusuh Buhit in Toba, North Sumatra, is also underway. History has it that Pusuk Buhit exploded 70,000 years ago. No eruptions have been recorded since the year 1400.

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