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Friday, March 18, 2011

Enthusiastic Redknapp Madrid Deal

London - As a black horse and a surprise team, Tottenham Hotspur had been awaited one seed in the quarter-finals: Real Madrid. Seeing the fact Madrid is much more experienced in the Champions League, Harry Redknapp admitted even enthusiastic.

Spurs appear somewhat okay during this season's Champions League could wait because the defending champion Inter Milan in the group phase, and finally emerged as group winners as well. When the lottery perdelapanfinal requiring them to meet AC Milan, The Lilywhites went back to show toughness.

They were subjected Milan 1-0 in the first match at the San Siro, and in the second leg 0-0 draw them resistant Rossoneri. So, be the Spurs one of the relatively considered a dark horse in the quarterfinals this.

Note Spurs not be underestimated. At least they show how their offensive through the notch 19 goals since the group phase. Note 18 goals during the group phase alone has made them the most fertile team along with Arsenal at the time.

After Milan, Madrid now turn that into your opponent's squad from London. The opponent is the owner of a record nine winners kalo League / Champions Cup. Despite their record in Europe sag in the last few seasons, Los Merengues still deserves respect.

Because of the historical record that saw Redknapp become enthusiastic. He even called, the game against Madrid could be one of the most historic day in the history of the Spurs.

"This is a fantastic draw. We look forward to the match against one of the best clubs in the world in football," he said in the Daily Mail.

"You look forward to games like this. There are days in the life of a great and historic day in the life of Tottenham. We will go there and give the best."

"You could not ask for a match that is more stressful and more exciting than this game," he said.

From the draw, Madrid had the opportunity to host the first. Redknapp As above, appeared at the Santiago Bernabeu will not make the Spurs trepidation.

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