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Thursday, March 17, 2011

All About Hair Color

COMPARED with the natural black color, hair color does require special care. Do not until you either take care of him, if you do not want the hair to become damaged.

If you want to turn the appearance quickly, warnailah your hair. Color appearance that fits will make your character more visible. Lately, cosmopolitan women do tend to be more confident to express her hair coloring. Unfortunately, behind the belief that many women forget the hair health affairs. Instead of boosting though more trendy appearance, which happened just the opposite. Your hair looks dull, the colors quickly faded, dry, and fall.

In response to these phenomena, Rudy Hadisuwarno say, routine maintenance was very supportive of hair beauty, especially for colored hair.

"For who has experienced hair straightening (Rebonding), should not be bleach or pigments removed because it will make the hair become dry. This type of hair tends to be more sensitive. So for the color more evenly, you should take care of her by doing toning the hair. For those who experience hair smoothing, you too can do the same treatment. Enough is toning only, so that the color produced is not too far from the original, "said Rudy.

In addition to physical care attention, you also need to support it by doing routine maintenance.

"In addition to using a special shampoo for colored hair, use conditioner after shampooing too. It's for hair humidity is maintained. Do not forget to use a mask once a week is also not easy for hair loss. As a supporter, do not forget to come to the salon once a month to perform routine maintenance to the experts, "he concluded.

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