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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embassy denies Indonesian becomes victim of Egyptian clash

Cairo (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Embassy in Egypt denied on Thursday a report that an Indonesian named I Manda Amalia had become victim of riot in Egypt.

"There is no Indonesian national who becomes victim in Egypt," Indonesian Embassy Spokesman Iwan Wijaya Mulyatno said here on Thursday.

Iwan said the embassy had contacted various sides in Egypt, including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). It also had contacted the Australian embassy in Cairo, but it had no knowledge about someone named Manda Amalia.

"The UN in Egypt has also checked all of UNRWA representatives but found no one with that name," he said.

The Indonesian embassy has also collected information from all Indonesian citizens staying in Cairo and in several Egyptian provinces but found no Indonesian national becoming victim.

The UN representative office in Egypt has one director and three employees, two hailing from Egypt and one from Jordan.

Chairman of the Indonesian students in Egypt Falahuddin Nursalim said that so far no Indonesian or student who had become victim in the political unrest in Egypt.

"All Indonesian students are in safe condition and are not yet affected by the political turmoil in Egypt," he said.

Falahuddin said he had the information that I Made Amalia who was said to have fallen victim of the clashes was an Indonesian born with Australian citizenship and worked with the UNRWA.

In the meantime, the Indonesian embassy is now preparing for the evacuation of 422 Indonesians in the second batch and would fly them to Indonesia Thursday night.(*)

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