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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dew waterfall waterfall waterfall tourist attraction located in the village Dew Tread Kepahing Building Jl. Perum Kepahiang Beringin three, Kepahiang district, Bengkulu province, Indonesia.

Dew waterfall waterfall is one tourist attraction in the form of a waterfall with a height of 100 meters along the valve cool mountain views and beautiful.

To reach the location of this waterfall can use two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels, using public transport or private vehicle.

Panorama Regency Kepahiang the hilly nature, making Kepahiang District has a lot of drainage water from pagunungan. So in the District Kepahiang numerous Waterfall. Of the 10 waterfalls in the district a new 2 Kepahiang waterfalls that have adequate transportation to travel to locations.

When the airport Fatmawati the visitors must go to the district Kepahiang which is approximately 60 km, Arriving at the district Kepahiang, the journey continues towards the village of Tread building that is 10 km from the district Kepahiang.Wisata Indonesia Paradise.

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