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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2010, Indonesia Banking Assets Rise Rp500 Tn

VIVAnews - The total value of banking assets in 2010 went up by almost Rp500 trillion to Rp3,008.9 trillion until December 2010. Banking assets in December 2009 reached Rp2,534.1 trillion in value.

Bank Indonesia said in its report that Indonesia has more solid banking condition in recent years. In addition to the doubling assets, third party funds and banking loans have also multiplied.

Total third-party fund increases from Rp1,948 trillion to Rp2,338 trillion along 2010. In addition, in the same period, loans rose from Rp1,470 trillion to Rp1,796 trillion.

"Credit growth has improved by 22.8 percent," said Difi Johansyah, BI Head of Strategic Planning and Public Relations Directorate.

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