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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is it true that Kim Kardashian Lips Operations

VIVAnews - Kim Kardashian is known as a figure of a sexy woman. Whether it's viewed from the curve of her body or face that sensual.

However, recently attacked the issue of a beautiful socialite was not tasty. Reportedly, Kim had undergone surgery for her lips look more sexy and contained. How is his reaction?

"That's not true. Believe me, I really never tried Botox, but a new beauty procedure that's all I have ever lived," Kim said as quoted from the site showbizspy, Saturday, January 22, 2011.

According to Kim, her lips swollen because he was not wearing makeup and had the flu. 30 years old actress also confirmed that the shape of her lower lip is not engineered. "I'm cold. That's why my lips are swollen. I'm upset, why rumors of plastic surgery is always directed at me," he said.

Moreover, if Kim was doing surgery, he will operate on the entire lip, not just the bottom only.

"I'm certainly not going to do that. I think my lips are pretty good and according to my taste," says Los Angeles-born actress. 

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